Watch Out! NBA 2K15 Hiding Major Game of Thrones Spoiler

[UPDATE] 2K Sports says the game's pop culture references aim to help the game become more "culturally relevant."

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[UPDATE] A 2K Sports representative tells GameSpot that the pop culture references in NBA 2K15's MyGM mode were purposefully placed to help the game become more "culturally relevant." You can see the full statement below.

"As you know, MyGM is a very text-heavy mode; our conversation engine dominates the end-user experience," the representative said. "My intent for the conversations are to be culturally relevant, and entertaining for the users. We have cleverly intertwined assorted pop culture references in the experience to bring a smile or even a laugh to our users. When you are reading line after line of text, you need to break it up with some light-hearted humor."

"There are actually very few lines in the script that can be considered 'spoilers'. Specifically on the Game of Thrones mention(s), we take care to ensure that only references from the aired shows on HBO are mentioned. We do not include references from the books that are yet to be brought to the small screen. Essentially, everything we talk about is widely available for consumer consumption."

The original story is below.

One NBA 2K15 player recently logged into the professional basketball game to find something he most definitely didn't expect: a major spoiler about HBO's Game of Thrones.

Writing on Reddit, a user going by the name "Mister_Big" explains that he encountered the huge season four spoiler (see the spoiler-y image below) inside the game's MyGM mode.

"Definitely didn't expect to see a major GoT spoiler while playing NBA 2K15...," he says.

The spoilers didn't stop there, however, as Mister_Big also claims that not long after he encountered the Game of Thrones spoiler, he came across another one, this one about Fox's 24.

"I had a similar situation right after this where the player made a reference to Jack Bauer from 24," he said.

That NBA 2K15 developer 2K Sports would weave pop culture references into its game isn't all that surprising. After all, players probably do talk about Game of Thrones and 24 in their daily lives, something 2K may want to replicate to create an even more true-to-life video game.

However, if you haven't seen Game of Thrones or 24, you may want to be extra careful the next time you play NBA 2K15. We've followed up with 2K Sports, asking for more information about the spoilers.

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