Watch New Trailer For Code Vein, The Vampire RPG From Dark Souls Publisher

The trailer sets up the world and story and also shows off some of the companion mechanic.

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Following the game's official announcement last week, Bandai Namco today released a new trailer for the vampire RPG Code Vein. This newest trailer shows off the game's world and its art style. We also see combat and a brief look at how the companion mechanic will work.

Players can select a companion from the game world of Vein. There is an element of strategy to this, as choosing a companion who works well with your style of play will help you advance through the game.

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In Code Vein, you play as a Revenant in a future world "full of vicious enemies and monstrous bosses." You can make use of Blood Veils, which extract the blood from enemies to boost the player's abilities.

"Players can change their form to increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities with overpowered attacks," Bandai Namco said. "Utilizing the vast array of weaponry along with each character’s Gift, players can adapt and strategize to a variety of battle conditions that suit their play styles."

The game is being developed by Bandai Namco Studios, which also contributed to the God Eater series, and is scheduled to launch in 2018 for consoles.

For more on Code Vein, you can see a lot of images and get more details on the story here in our previous coverage.

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"In 2018 for consoles" well screw you too. Guess I'll be playing the 500 other PC games I have (many PC only "exclusives").

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If there is only one difficulty "very very fucking hard" I will not play. I hated that the dark souls games didn't have a easier difficulty for people who just want to enjoy the game and not die one billion times and throw the controller and vow off video games because your so pissed you died and lost 2 hours of gameplay.... Just my experience with dark souls.

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@Legend_of_Link: hmm never found dark souls that hard tbh

Avatar image for deactivated-5bd1e31726b43

@deathBRINGER201: I think the hardest game I have ever played is Bloodborne if that game is easy for you then your just good at those types of games. I just dont like being able to play on a normal difficulty. I dont play games to give myself a headache

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please, stop this "from Dark Souls publisher" BS. you're just embarrassing the website.

Avatar image for artfull47

Pac-Man was also on Bandai-Namco

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Just because it is the same publisher doesn't mean anything. Being the same developer is relevant.

Avatar image for Desbris

They're all the same, these games.

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

@Desbris: Yep, pretty much. That's exactly why I'm taking a break from games these days.

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I'm pretty sure ya'll should be typing Bandai Namco and not the Dark Souls Publisher, yes they published Dark Souls, no they're not called Dark Souls Publisher... Way to try and generate hype but only a moron would think that BN had nothing to do with the Souls' series... P. S cannot wait for this! Nioh meets Legacy of Kain meets Nier: Automata!!

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@sephirothswing: agreed this looks pretty neat will definitely give this a go

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@deathBRINGER201: DBZ games need to hurry the **** up and look like this, they still look like they're running on a late life-cycle PS2....looking forward to hearing more about this games story/lore, shame its been announced with about a year left of development time... So much will change within the next few months lol

Avatar image for wicked_laugh

Cityscape looks taken directly from God Eater.... not a good thing.

Avatar image for tracerxxi

Still no word on which platforms it's releasing on... strange

Avatar image for splosivepooper

Thank fcking god everyone knows this game is not created by Fromsoft. I just had to make an account to speak out about how stupid these dam clickbait articles are because these guys had almost nothing to do with Dark Souls... Seriously game stop, do you even praise the sun?

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

@splosivepooper: Think you meant gamespot ;)

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Man, I logged in just because this headline is outright click-bait. Why do you keep saying "Publisher of Dark Souls" aside from just trying to confuse and mislead your audience? There are dozens of comments here that are complaining about how From Software is ignoring their other franchises for this game when it isn't true at all. "From Software" made Dark Souls. "Shift," which previous titles include Freedom Wars and God Eater, is making Code Vein.

I mean, that would be like advertising the new Call of Duty game as "from the publisher of Starcraft 2" or the new Battlefront 2 from the "publisher of Madden 18." They are technically correct, but are put as a way to just misdirect their readers.

Avatar image for Barighm

It's from the God Hand people, so it's more likely to be in the vein of Nioh than the Souls games. And no, Nioh is not a Souls-like. It started out like one, but they adjusted it to be more like a typical slashy action game.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@Barighm: have you even played it? When a game is compared to Souls-borne its becauae your character is weak af in comparison to everything else..

Avatar image for deactivated-594d411be4f6d

@sephirothswing: Isn't that just an option in the settings menu? I find it strange so many devs use this as a design element for a whole game.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@wrecksoul: there's a select few games which put you on a default level, though you're right to a certain degree games without Souls'-borne esque physics/difficulties usually have several different difficulties for you to try.

There's too many developers who just tend to copy and paste things that attract other crowds, hardly anybody tries to be different... Nioh is the first souls'-borne entry I've played which completely builds upon what DS/BB was, The Surge also looks pretty promising.

Avatar image for slypher9

so its a "DARK" game just in a different local...

Where is the "Legacy of Kain" series when you need a good vampire game..

Avatar image for nefphlegm

Why do they keep dropping in... "from the publisher of dark souls?" You mean... the same publisher of Pac-Man?!

Avatar image for dante9006

@nefphlegm: I was about to comment the same thing but then I realized it's easier to get more clicks by mentioning Dark Souls. Bunch of clickbait is what this site is Turing in to. That's why I stopped going to IGN.

Avatar image for nefphlegm

@dante9006: I've noticed many other websites doing the same exact thing... i wonder if they're getting paid to write it out like that so that the game doesn't get looked over ya know?

Avatar image for Keaze_

Meh. Been there, done that.

I can see why Miyazaki stopped the Souls series. Over-saturation.

Avatar image for millionsedge

@Keaze_: Dark Souls is like AC/DC. All the same but all good.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

I'd much rather play an actual RPG like Vampire The Masquerade where you play as a vampire in the vampire underworld......

this just looks.....obvious.....ooh From Software, guess all they can do now is souls games.....

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@darthrevenx: Vampyr is one being made by Dontnod the life is strange people.

Avatar image for tony56723

@darthrevenx: Not From Software. Shift, God eater guys

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@tony56723: yet looks like a typical souls game......

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@darthrevenx: it really doesnt... P.S its Revan and not Reven....

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@sephirothswing: you're blind and attacking my name? very mature.....ooh off by a letter who gives a F?? like I can goddamn change that??? jebus fracking cripes man.......

to prove my point, look at the samey unrealistic weapons similar to Bloodbourne the oversized bosses, the general look of's too soulsey and obvious that it's trying to attract that crowd......

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@darthrevenx: "samey unrealistic weapons" (I've only seen the claw like weapon in [PROTOTYPE]) and bosses, you've just explained every RPG out there, good job! The only souls esque things from this game right now are the tagline: "Prepare to Dine" and the lay out of the level, nothing else about this has screamed Souls-borne at me... I was only being nice ;) I could've been horrible and put "its spelt Darth Revan you retard" but no, I put "P.S its Revan not Reven." calm your cupcakes.. We can't compare this to Souls-borne after seeing three attacks...

Avatar image for whitejackel

I like the art style but vampires aren't my thing.

Avatar image for deactivated-594d411be4f6d

@whitejackel: TEAM JACOB!

Avatar image for shnoptimusprime

Anime style? NOoooooOOOoooOOO!!!!!

Is Bloodborne 2 done yet?

Avatar image for B0rn2Gam3

Looks cool, I like the anime vampire aesthetic. Will definitely keep an eye on this one.

Avatar image for RO-nIn187

too bad, was hoping for a good vampire game, didnt see any since bloodlines... but i dont like anime and this style and i dont have the patience for the dark souls gameplay...

Avatar image for noseriously

Wonder if they could put this on the Switch due to the graphics style? If not I'll grab it for my PS4 or Scorpio.

Avatar image for goodguymalachai

Why exactly do we care that this was made by the Publisher of the Souls series? From Software made those games, Bandai Namco just marketed them, so linking Bandai in some way to the quality of the Souls series is misleading and just an attempt to generate traffic for the article.

I do hope the feedback when hitting an enemy seen in this trailer isn't indicative of the final product, if so, it seems hitting something with a sword will generate a reaction similar to smacking a wall with a wet noodle. The other animations seen (dodge roll with what looks like I-frames) look good though.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@goodguymalachai: good thing there's still over a year to go, hoping to see more combat in the weeks/months to come, most Anime style games end up sucking :(

Avatar image for darkstar2879

@goodguymalachai: Fucking thank you dude, I get so mad every time I see that "From the publisher of Dark Souls" shit! That isn't a smart headline and it's totally misleading, with that logic you could present Dark Souls being made by the publisher of Dynasty Warriors Gundam, the publisher is irrelevant.

Avatar image for phatsanta

Anime as ****! I love it!

Avatar image for restatbonfire

i hate when they say that. "From the publisher" we didn't hear "FROM THE PUBLISHER OF CALL OF DUTY" we present Destiny.

Avatar image for alexander_mark

Please stop saying:

'Souls-like', 'from Dark Souls publisher', 'Dark Souls difficulty', 'similar to Dark Souls' etc etc...

They are such lazy descriptions.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@alexander_mark: they think cause its got a dark background and design its done by FS what retards.... I'd like to know what FS are developing for the Switch, Souls' ports maybe?

I've got more of a feeling CodeVein will be more like Nioh in all honesty... It won't be overly difficult and the combat will actually be fairly simple (unlike Nioh) lol I'm still holding out on more footage of Vampyr the fullscale RPG from those other guys...

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@alexander_mark: yet in the current cycle the description fits......

tell me where's Armored Core 6?? where's 3D Dot Game heroes 2?? where's anything else from the dev that is not a souls or souls like game?? right that's all they;re making now cus they ran Armored Core into the ground, 3DDGH didn't sell enough so that IP is dead, the ony thing that's making money is souls......oops

Nintendo is more than the Mario Maker yet that's the one thing they're known for....Mario

Disney is more than the Mickey factory yet that's the one thing they're most known for.....Mickey