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"A Film By Peter Parker."


Ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming's release this week, Sony has published a four-minute clip from the superhero movie showing off "A Film By Peter Parker." The cool clip shows what happened when Tony Stark/Iron Man came to New York to recruit Spider-Man for a fight against Captain America in Civil War. We see some of Spider-Man's perspective during the airport battle in Germany, and then a lighter scene at the end.

The YouTube video below from (via Slashfilm) was originally published on the PlayStation Store.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Homecoming director Jon Watts said the film does tell an origin story for Spider-Man, but it's unlike the others that have come before it.

"It's not the same moments of the origin story that we've seen before in other movies: we don't see Uncle Ben die, we don't see a spider bite," he said. "But I think this is the beginning of Spider-Man, in a way. He's still learning how to be a superhero. In a way, it is an origin story--just not one we've seen before."

Also in the interview, Watts said it was important for him to have Spider-Man come across as "regular kid" in the new film.

"He has to be dealing with the same kinds of problems that a regular kid is dealing with," Watts said. "We also have to know that Peter is smart, and learn about his home life. But ultimately, that's what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man: he's just like you and me."

The main villain in Homecoming is Vulture, who is played by Michael Keaton. Watts said he was drawn to Vulture as a villain for a number of reasons, one of which was that Vulture is one of the first villains that Spider-Man ever came to know.

"And two, because it really opens up the possibilities of some very cool action sequences," Watts said. "A guy in a wingsuit fighting Spider-Man? [laughs] That was very attractive to me."

You can read the full interview here at the PlayStation Blog.

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