Watch: New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Footage

Activision launches new gameplay trailer for upcoming shooter, which launches in just two weeks.

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Activision and Sledgehammer Games have released a new gameplay trailer for November's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The video shows off some new multiplayer footage and features commentary from community members about how the Exosuit changes the overall experience.

Bear in mind that this video was produced by Activision, and all the gamers featured in it speak very highly of Advanced Warfare and what it brings to the table. For more on Advanced Warfare's multiplayer mode, be sure to read GameSpot's in-depth coverage here.

Advanced Warfare launches November 4 (get it November 3 by preordering) for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4--but not Wii U. Despite the game's release still being two weeks away, Activision just recently debuted the game's launch trailer.

For more on Advanced Warfare, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for ShoTTyMcNaDeS

Halo MCC is going to take a lot of players from CoD AW on X1. Being able to play Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 multiplayer online is a deal breaker with me as far as CoD AW is concerned!

Avatar image for josiiiah

Dumb ass title. There's no new multiplayer footage.

Avatar image for tofreaku2

all of you must be crazy this game looks like something everyone has been waiting for i love it i even went to eb game expo and played it i was jaw dropped an awesome game finally new stuff better maps and better movement in the game everything has changed this is the future

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

This will be the first time I don't buy a CoD game. This version looks and plays ridiculously awkward. It doesn't look right, it doesn't play right.

CoD games just arent meant to be played like this. If I wanted a twitchy, jumpy mess, I'll boot up Titanfall or Halo. When you put this side by side with CoD4....the evolution is laughable.

A proper studio needs to take the CoD helm and rebuild the franchise from the ground up. Go back to its realistic, military roots. We needs game with thought and strategy...not another Halo/CoD hybrid.

Avatar image for ncalzolaio

<< LINK REMOVED >> I actually agree. One of the reasons Titanfall got real old real quick, among other things, was the constant jumping around and people camping on rooftops not going after objectives. Invisibility...ugh. See through walls...ugh.

All that being said, I'll probably pick it up and play for a bit...pwn some noobs as the kids say.

Avatar image for hehe101

It's literally embarrassing how much it resembles titanfall, the fact they even have 'robots' is just terrible lol.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

I love how people would try and trash Titanfall by saying "'s just CoD with Mechs!"

Well, right now Advanced Warfare is literally CoD with now what you fanboy idlots?

Avatar image for alex_zander

Is it just me or are these guys KISSING ASS ON CUE?

Is Activision expecting us to go apeshit over a double jump/jetpack whatever?

Avatar image for irishrizo

<< LINK REMOVED >> yes because its never been done before.

Avatar image for irishrizo

speaking of Advanced Titanfall, anyone try the new update?

Avatar image for killercod33

will advanced warfare be the same on ps3 and xbox 360 and play like the ps3 and xbox one version or it will it be the same just different graphics ? please reply

Avatar image for adro191

Seems too fast pace for my taste, best CoD I ever played was Black Ops but mainly cause so many friends were there, guess I have to wait for reviews on this one.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

I agree. I liked CoD when it actually was a realistic modern warfare shooter (CoD4).

Avatar image for Pelican170

Ehhh, I dont know about this. Looks very speedy. More run and gun and less strategy. Not sure if I will like it myself..

Avatar image for LilKCCeleb

Better News: 2.0 on the 28th ;)

Avatar image for LilKCCeleb

More excited for 2.0 on the 28th than this lol

Avatar image for TheHitmanBDZ

As a continuing COD player we appreciate when you guys whine and cry about COD, We hope more people like you just continue hating COD and not playing it. That is less asshats that we have to deal with in the game and we can enjoy ourselves playing with people who enjoy the series so please keep on hatin' and we'll keep on playing. Once again THANKS!

Avatar image for Pelican170

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is a comment section where people leave their opinions. Get over the negative ones, fanboy...

Avatar image for TheHitmanBDZ

<< LINK REMOVED >> Like I said, I don't care if there are negative comments, I welcome them cause that means those asshats won't be bothering me in the game, asshat...

Avatar image for Iloveconnie

honestly id probably play it if it wasnt 60 or 70 bucks plus 60 bucks more of DLC you basically have to buy to continue playing pain free.

Avatar image for nickbooth29

Its $60 just like every other game and you dont need dlx im not buying the pass which is $50 but im still buying the game

Avatar image for Iloveconnie

<< LINK REMOVED >> prolly 70 in canada, plus if you dont buy dlc it becomes very hard to join a game without getting kicked every 10 minutes because you dont have the new maps.

Avatar image for greenaj

Looks like I'd have a seizure playing this.

Avatar image for nazart81

Where is the gameplay video???? I don't care about this people opinions...

Avatar image for pnova

The thing about call of duty is I don't like the campaigns, they should of just did away with it like titanfall. cod campaigns are simply not good and I just play the multiplayer.

Avatar image for 2er0

Quake 3 for ultimate fast-paced action or Unreal Tournament 2004... am I getting old already?

Avatar image for VegasDawg

I thought this would be game play not some d-bags reading of a queue card.

Avatar image for GSyysonyonly4yyGS

Well the Xtots must be Happy they get TWO Call of Dudeys this year XD.

Avatar image for dani_i89

<< LINK REMOVED >> .....this IS a multiplat game.

Avatar image for xolivierx

the only thing missing, is the ''disc throwing gun'' you had in Unreal Tournament.

''Horse-Meat is on killing spree''

Avatar image for qbanpride

too much crap...ghost will be the last cod I will ever ops still my favorite

Avatar image for Pelican170

<< LINK REMOVED >> Mine is Black Ops II. Ghosts sucked for me...

Avatar image for LilKCCeleb

MW3 is my fav.