Watch Max Payne and Alan Wake Play Quantum Break

"Making games is hard. Playing them is harder."


Developer Remedy Entertainment has put out a short and silly video in which the main characters of its two most well-known franchises, Alan Wake and Max Payne, try their hand at the upcoming Quantum Break. Check it out:

Remedy creative director Sam Lake plays the part of Max Payne (he was the basis for the original character model), while another person is dressed as novelist Alan Wake from the psychological horror series.

"Making games is hard. Playing them is harder," reads the video's description.

Lake captures Max Payne's grimace perfectly (watch this other video to see how to do it yourself), while the Wake actor pulls out a Thermos at one point, a reference to the collectible items from the game.

Quantum Break launches on April 5 for Xbox One and PC. For more, check out GameSpot's review and this roundup of reviews to see what other critics are saying.

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