Watch Mariah Carey Take Kate Upton's Place in Game of War Ads

"And then a hero comes along."


TMZ has posted a new trailer for mobile game Game of War featuring singer Mariah Carey. This one is sillier than the Kate Upton ads before it, using Carey's hit 1993 song, "Hero," for comedic purposes.

Carey only appears in the ad for a few seconds. By comparison, Upton was featured heavily in the previous Game of War commercials, including the one that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year.

The commercial appears to be targeted at males. It ends with Carey quipping, "Time to be heroes, guys."

Game of War is one of the biggest mobile games out there, regularly sitting near the peak of the top-grossing charts. As of April 2015, the game was generating an estimated $1 million in daily revenue.

In other recent news about Game of War, a former manager at developer Machine Zone, 42-year-old Jing Zeng, was arrested by federal authorities last month for allegedly attempting to steal trade secrets. He was detained by FBI agents on August 20 as he attempted to board a plane for Beijing, China.

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