Watch Leaked Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage

New footage emerges ahead of launch.


A series of Fallout 4 gameplay videos have leaked ahead of the RPG's launch on November 10.

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The videos, which have been posted to Pastebin (via Eurogamer), are of course rife with spoilers. Anyone hoping to go into Fallout 4 clean may want to avoid these for now. But if you're interested, you may want to act quickly, as it's possible Bethesda will take action to have these videos removed.

They begin with Fallout 4's early sections, before the nuclear fallout, leading up to some sections in the wasteland itself that show off the Bethesda-developed RPG's new shooting mechanics and more. The footage appears to have been captured on the Xbox One edition.

This leak follows the emergence of new Fallout 4 screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version (which have now been removed). Before that, Fallout 4's menu screen and Xbox One control scheme leaked.

Bethesda has told GameSpot that it has no plans to officially comment on any leaked Fallout 4 material between now and launch.

Fallout 4 launches November 10 across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Stay tuned to GameSpot for lots more on Fallout 4 in the coming days and weeks.

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