Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Latest Response to Angry Gamers

"I have enraged the world of video gaming."


Another day, another video from Jimmy Kimmel about video games. The late night TV host/comedian published a new video today, September 2, in which he reads more of the angry messages he received from commenters about his opinion that watching people play video games is silly.

Kimmel admitted that he did receive some messages of support, but overwhelmingly, people didn't have nice things to say. Watch as Kimmel reads off messages where people wish disease on him and say things like, "If you were on life support, I would plug it out and charge my phone." There are many more.

In the video, Kimmel does admit that watching people play video games can make sense in the context of helping you determine if a game is worth your time and money.

Something that it's important to remember here is that Kimmel's job is to stir the pot. He's pretty open about that, too. "I love making people mad; after pizza, it's probably my favorite thing," he said.

Kimmel ended the video by saying he's been approached by people in the gaming community, and will sit down with them to see if they can sell him on the idea that watching people play video games is a good idea. He says he'll keep an open mind, but if things don't go well, Kimmel joked that he'll tear down the gaming world.

"If I don't like it, I will shut down Twitch, I will shut down YouTube Gaming; I have that power," he said.

When Kimmel's first video on the subject went live last week, many quickly attacked his argument by saying watching people do things is already commonplace and accepted in society. Kimmel doesn't disagree, but says watching people play video games is a further abstraction than watching traditional sports. We'll see if that's still his opinion down the road when he uploads his next video.

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