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Watch Jimmy Fallon Challenge Pro Golfer Collin Morikawa In Mario Golf: Super Rush

Jimmy Fallon challenged professional golfer and PGA Champion Collin Morikawa in Mario Golf: Super Rush on The Tonight Show.


The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon challenged professional golfer Collin Morikawa to Mario Golf: Super Rush. The two faced off in the Speed Golf mode, where players have to run after their ball and try have the shortest time.

Morikawa is a 24-year-old professional golfer with four PGA Tour wins, including the 2020 PGA Championship. He also revealed that he will be joining Team USA at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which begins in late July. Morikawa also chose Yoshi as his character, which received applause from the pro-dinosaur crowd.

Fallon and Morikawa faced off on three holes using motion controls, for some added shenanigans. Despite Morikawa being much more composed, Fallon took the first two holes of the game, saying he might be taking Morikawa's spot on the Olympic team. However, Morikawa came back to win the final hole with a chip-in birdie, showing that real-life skills sometimes translate to video games.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available now on Nintendo Switch. In GameSpot's Mario Golf: Super Rush review, critic Steven Petite scored the game a 7/10 and wrote, "With three radically different styles of play and some seriously inventive courses, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a compellingly original sports game. Speed Golf and Battle Golf actively make you adapt to wildly different conditions while balancing technique and speediness. The button swing system still feels great, though if you desire an accurate motion-controlled golf game, this isn’t it. Golf Adventure curiously lacks a conventional tournament structure or record-keeping, which actively dissuaded me from ever wanting to revisit it."

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