Watch How You'll Command a Capital Ship in New Game From Diablo, Torchlight Vets

Rebel Galaxy is a new spaceship combat action game.

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Following its announcement last week, Double Damage Games today released the first trailer for its in-development space game, Rebel Galaxy (not to be confused with action RPG Rogue Galaxy). And, suffice it to say, it's got me very excited for 2015.

Whereas many space games put you in cockpit of a small fighter of some sort, Rebel Galaxy puts you in control of "an immensely powerful star destroyer." In other words, you'll command a capital ship of sorts, though not one that necessarily bear any resemblance to Star Wars' Star Destroyers.

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With that ship, you'll be able to take any number of approaches to your space adventure, be it fighting pirates, mining, exploring, or rebuffing aliens by telling them how ugly they are. This all takes place in a randomly generated universe that promises "no two star systems will ever look the same."

Whatever path you choose, you'll have direct control over the action; this is not, as seemingly most space games are, a strategy game. "It’s not about clicking and issuing orders," the official website explains. "It's about feeling the concussion of a broadside blast, and the impact on your deflectors as they absorb a particle beam meant for your shield generator."

Developer Double Damage is likely not a name you've heard before, as the studio was founded just this year by Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer, two veterans of Torchlight developer Runic Games. The duo also has experience working on Diablo, with Schaefer having been a lead designer on the first and second Diablo games.

You'll notice in the trailer that the controls are shown as being played on an Xbox controller. Despite this, according to Double Damage, it's not a guarantee that Rebel Galaxy ends up on Xbox One. It's assured to be coming to PC (through Steam) and PS4 in 2015, and "maybe" Xbox One.

The first eight screenshots of the game can be seen below.

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