Watch Halo's Multiplayer Announcer Perform His Epic Voice Lines: "Triple Kill," Slayer," And More

Jeff Steitzer reads his iconic voice lines and shows off his at-home recording studio.


Anyone who has played Halo has likely heard the voice of Jeff Steitzer, even if they don't know him by name. The veteran voice actor performs the multiplayer voice lines for the Halo series, and he's delivered some epic words over the years.

In a new video made for a fan (via The Gamer), Steitzer spoke some of his more memorable Halo lines, including "Triple kill," "Extermination, "Killionaire," and "Capture the Flag," along with the very famous "Slayer." It's a true delight to watch him perform these lines.

"I hope that does the trick. Coming to you from my little tiny vocal booth," Steitzer said, showing off his at-home recording studio.

Steitzer has performed the multiplayer announcements in Halo since the start of the series and running all the way up to Halo 5. It's not confirmed at this stage of Steitzer is returning for Halo Infinite's multiplayer, however, though fans would surely want that to happen.

Very little is known about Halo Infinite's multiplayer element, apart from that it will be free-to-play with microtransactions. The multiplayer is expected to release in 2021 alongside the main campaign, following a delay.

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