Watch Halo 5's Master Chief Get Painted onto a London Building

Impressive mural wants to remind you that heroes never die.


[Update]: In keeping with game's story, the mural has now been defaced to reflect the UNSC's statement that Master Chief has betrayed mankind.

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With just weeks left until the release of Halo 5, Microsoft's marketing machine is kicking into gear. Closer to release, we imagine there will be an avalanche of TV commercials, billboard adverts, and more.

Until then, we're likely to get a trickle of Halo 5 themed promotion, and the first of these is a rather cool video of Master Chief mural being painted onto the side of a building in London.

The Halo 5 release date has been confirmed as October 27 exclusively for Xbox One. Recently, the Serial-style "Hunt the Truth" podcast series returned for its second season.

Halo 5's story follows Fireteam Osiris as they attempt to track down and capture Master Chief, who has seemingly broken ranks to go on a rogue mission.

According to Halo franchise development director Frank O'Connor, the events of Halo 5 will forever change the overall universe in "really important ways."

Creative director Tim Longo added: "There are catastrophic, big events going on all across the galaxy when it comes to the Guardians."

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