Watch GTA 5's Top Mods: Gravity Guns, Zombies, and Insane Cars

Check out our video roundup of some of the best mods for GTA V on PC.


Grand Theft Auto V mods on PC continue to be a source of endless entertainment for the GameSpot crew, so, once again, we've rounded up some of our favourites in the video below.

Highlights this time around include a couple of quirky subtle new additions in the form of Fuel Script Mod 0.7, which gives you a simple fuel gauge for cars and adds a refuelling mini-game. Customize Plate v1.2.3, meanwhile, lets you change the license plate on your car on-the-fly.

Ok, now on to the real wacky stuff: Gravity Gun 1.5 turns the stun gun into, well, a gravity gun. This allows you pluck cars of the road and launch them into the distance. Naturally, the perfect opportunity for cow bowling (see video below).

Grand Theft Zombie will allow you to turn the world into night time and spawn zombies to take on, which you can do as little dogs. There's also a mod called Fun Vehicles, but we won't ruin the surprise, just watch.

If you're interested in the downloading these mods, we've included the links below.

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Gravity Guns, Zombies and Crazy Cars! - Top GTA 5 Mods

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