Watch GTA 5's Normally Subdued Lester Fly Off the Handle

New videos show Lester like you've never seen him before.


Grand Theft Auto V's Lester character is normally a pretty subdued guy, usually more interested in staying behind the scenes and playing a supporting role.

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He gets around either in a wheelchair or sometimes on foot with a cane. And even though he certainly has anger issues, he's not the type of person you'd expect to fly off the handle and kick someone's teeth in on a sunny day in Los Santos.

But I guess we don't know the real Lester.

By way of YouTube user 10Phoenix01 Gamer comes the video above showing Lester, during a Heist mission in GTA Online, carjacking an NPC. His first attempt is unsuccessful, but Lester is persistent, pulling the man out of the car a second time and kicking him twice before ultimately moving on.

Another video, this one from Thoraxe0987 (below), shows Lester partaking in another un-Lester-like activity: riding a motorcycle. Something seems to be wrong here, however, as Lester ends his ride by slowly driving into a bush just off the road.

As Kotaku notes, it's unclear why Lester is acting out-of-character in these two instances. We've followed up with the video creators, asking for further insight. Whatever the case, seeing Lester in this new light is certainly exciting, even if we can't yet determine why he's acting this way.

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