Watch GTA 5 Played on a Amusement Park Style Hydraulic Rig

The roller coaster segment might make you hurl.


Grand Theft Auto V played on an amusement park-style, hydraulic motion platform looks totally bonkers. The engineering team at Force Dynamics (via Kotaku) has gotten the game up and running with the rig, which provides force and motion feedback to the player. Check out the video below.

Using GTA V's first-person perspective, the player cruises down the highway, takes to the skies, and rides a roller coaster, all while the machine--called a 401cr--jostles around in ways that correspond to what's happening on screen. The player uses a steering wheel for the driving and flying sequences.

The roller coaster segment looks like it would make you lose your lunch after a few minutes. But overall, this looks pretty cool and I'd be interested to try it out. More information about Force Dynamics and the 401cr is available at the company's website.

GTA V parent publisher Take-Two recently revealed that GTA Online sees a whopping 8 million players weekly. Updates for the multiplayer mode continue to be the focus for developer Rockstar, with the latest coming in the form of a Halloween event that ran in October.

Overall, GTA V has shipped more than 54 million copies. The creativity and dedication of the game's community has been impressive; the latest example is this amazing GTA V recreation of the Teletubbies intro.

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Sure, it'd be fun to try, but I'm betting the setup costs somewhere in the $20,000 ballpark...

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Looks like this would be a blast for an hour or so. Not sure how long I could play a game while being jerked around though.

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That looks like brilliant fun. If only I had the capital to waste and the space to own such a device.

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The roller coaster part was awesome lol

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Best Force Dynamics 401cr commercial ever.

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this would have been fun if combined with vr

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@rzaartz: I thought the same about vr :P