Watch GTA 5 Fan Recreation of Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Intro

A sight to behold, indeed.


YouTube's merfish is back with another excellent Grand Theft Auto V recreation video. This time, merfish has remade the The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. It's being called "The Mikie Brown and Poopy Show" instead. Check it out:

"Like many children, I dream of being burned alive ans spent many holidays of my youth watching the Peanuts Gang, not that the two have anything in common," merfish said in the video's description. "And on the many normal days in between I read the old comic strips. Charles Schultz was probably my introduction to satirical comedy. I learned a great many things from Charlie Brown, but most of all I learned that it can be good to grieve, and that team sports are impossible, except for ice skating."

A side-by-side video is embedded at the bottom of this post, while some outtakes are available here.

Merfish is something of a hero when it comes to recreations of popular TV shows in GTA V. Check out some of their other works below or head to the YouTube page to see even more.

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