Watch GTA 5 Deer Cam Livestream Right Here

Deers just want to have fawn.


If you're wondering what to do with your afternoon, then perhaps you should consider watching an AI-controlled deer wander around Grand Theft Auto V.

The San Andreas Deer Cam is a live stream that follows a deer through the streets of Los Santos. It uses a hacked version of Grand Theft Auto V, which spawns an invincible deer and has the camera follow it around. The Deer Cam website says the deer has been programmed to control itself and make its own decisions. If the deer gets stuck somehow, it teleports to a different area.

You can watch an archived stream of the last Deer Cam right here. It features the deer running around a beach, charging into innocent people, and getting attacked by an angry pedestrian. In the current live stream, the deer teleported into a military base, which earned it a four-star wanted level. You can watch it in the embed above.

If you want to check out more animals getting into trouble in GTA V, you can watch GameSpot's faux-documentary, Lion of the Mountain, right here.

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