Watch Game of Thrones Season 7's First Teaser Video

Welcome home.


It's still a ways out, but we've already gotten the very first teaser trailer for Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers follow below.

Released at the conclusion of the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel, its two minutes are mostly filled with behind-the-scenes footage of weapons, clothing, and scenery being put together. This is accompanied by dialogue from Season 6, but is capped off with a new line from Tyrion, who says, "Welcome home, my Queen," presumably signaling that Daenerys and company have made it to Westeros.

This is preceded by a script being thrown on a table, the cover of which indicates it's for the first episode of Season 7. The video concludes by announcing the new season is now in production.

Season 7 will premiere later than usual; rather than April, it'll instead debut sometime during the summer of 2017. It'll be shorter than past seasons, too, running only seven episodes.

Also as part of today's Comic-Con festivities, HBO released a blooper reel for Season 6.

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