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Watch Fish Play Street Fighter

Some goldfish are currently going head-to-head in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and it's being broadcast live for all to see.


Watching fish play Pokemon is so two weeks ago. Thanks to the bastion of brilliance that is the Internet, we can now watch a couple goldfish go head-to-head in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Here's what it works. The tank is (virtually) segmented into nine parts on a 3x3 grid. Where the fish swim will determine button presses. For the purpose of this stream, a goldfish named "Aquarius" is Player 1 and a little swimmer named "Robert the Bruce" is Player 2.

Don't worry, the fish do not actually fight each other in real life. And the creator of the video assures us, "I am dedicated to taking the absolute best care of my fish that I can."

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