Watch First GTA 5 Video Made Using Game's New PC Editing Tools

"Running, Man."


From YouTube channel 8-BIT-BASTARD comes a new Grand Theft Auto V video called "Running, Man," the first movie ever made using the game's new PC-only video editing tools.

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The impressive video is meant to highlight what kinds of incredibly detailed and unique projects are possible using the Rockstar Editor, which includes traditional recording functionality along with a Director Mode.

In "Running, Man," we see GTA V protagonist Trevor Phillips jogging from the top of a mountain down to the pier by the ocean. The music track you hear is "K.Y.S.A." by Phantogram.

"Trevor has never looked sexier than he does in slow motion on PC--on that we can all agree," the filmmakers said. "You can almost smell those sweaty running shorts."

"Running, Man" was commissioned by Rockstar Games, meaning 8-BIT-BASTARD received access to the Rockstar Editor before it was released publicly.

We expect to see lots more GTA V videos in the days and weeks ahead. Have you seen any particularly impressive ones so far? If you have, let us know via the email address below.

For lots more on the Rockstar Editor, check out the video below.

GTA V launches for PC today, April 14. Unfortunately for some, the game's release for computers has not been without its problems. Check out this post to see the game's most common issues, and how to fix them.

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