Watch Final Fantasy 15's Impressive PC Tech Demo Video

Hajime Tabata continues to suggest a port might happen.


Final Fantasy XV still hasn't been announced for PC, but the development team has indicated on more than one occasion that it's played around with the platform. We've now gotten a look at what it's been able to do with high-end PC hardware.

Square Enix has been working in conjunction with Nvidia on the latest version of Final Fantasy XV's engine, Luminous Studio Pro. The video above, first shared during a talk at the Game Developers Conference this week, shows off a tech demo of what's possible with the engine.

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In addition to improved visuals, we see some other things that aren't in the console version of the game. This include a sort of monster truck version of the Regalia driving across a field in Duscae, a particularly fluffy cat, and a battle in Lestallum.

It all looks quite pretty, though keep in mind all of this was captured on a GTX 1080 Ti. That's the newly revealed Nvidia GPU that launches next week for $700.

All of this would strongly suggest Square Enix is considering bringing the game to PC. Numerous games in the series have been ported to PC, and director Hajime Tabata has said he wants to release it on PC. He's also talked enthusiastically about the idea of allowing players to create mods and their own quests in a potential PC version.

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