Watch Ex-Wipeout Dev's New Futuristic Racer in This New Video

R8 Games give us a first look at Formula Fusion.

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R8 Games, a new independent studio formed by developers who previously worked on Sony's futuristic racing series Wipeout, has released a short video showing off its new project, Formula Fusion.

Not surprisingly, it's another futuristic racer that looks a lot like Wipeout. R8 Games says that what we see in the video above was created in just a few months, and is mainly a visual prototype, not a fully balanced gameplay example. R8 hopes that the video will "stir things up with publishers" and generate interest to provide funding opportunities.

You'll notice that the logo in the video calls it "Slam Jet." R8 said that this was what it called the project initially, but that it's in the process of changing the branding.

R8 calls Formula Fusion a "huge" project that it can't complete without help.

"Things have changed in the games industry now," the R8 team said on the Wipeout Zone forums. "Very few publishers actually believe in AG Racing as a valid next gen genre, so we are trying to convince people of the potential, and to set up a studio staffed with other ex-Wipeout devs (with some new wipeout dev talent of course) to hopefully carry the torch again. But this time being much more open with the community."

The last Wipeout game, Wipeout 2048, was released on the PS Vita in 2012.

Are you itching for another futuristic racing game like Wipeout? Let us know in the comments below.

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Avatar image for d_love

I hope this game comes to consoles too (PS4/XB1/WiiU?) as I read it's currently PC only. I've been dreaming of a new Wipeout on PS4 or F-Zero on WiiU, this game looks to fill that void nicely!

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Avatar image for ferretshob


Avatar image for b1ank

All I wanted Sony was a PS4 Wipeout. Why didn't you let Studio Liverpool make one first!

Avatar image for Master_Of_Fools

I'll take Fast Racing Neo over this, thank you very much.

Avatar image for Andycreep1

looks slow LOLOL

Avatar image for bubba_1988

I loved Wipeout, however this game looks a bit too similar. If they do end up making this game I hope it differs a lot from Wipeout. A career mode in which you build your vehicle up from the ground up would be pretty cool.

Avatar image for kirk2n25

Looks okay if it's a 99 cent Android game.

Avatar image for Yaotar5

looks cool

Avatar image for Pattonfiend67

Fast Racing NEO for Wii U looks like a day one purchase. Can't say the same for this...

Avatar image for variable21

lets all have a silent minute together. wipeout as we know it might never come back. the closure of sony studio liverpool and this video made it clear. its so clear because some people from studio liverpool already opened another studio called "Firesprite" and they wont be making wipeout games ! so already half the talent is missing.

This video isnt bad, but it aint no wipeout. Lets hope they can build a fun game at R8, but it wont be a wipeout game.

The quality we all might expect, after what i believe is one of the greatest psvita titles: wipeout2048 (online play was insanly fun.. ) , might not be there as well since half the team is at the newly opened Firesprite studios. The latter are already making stuff for ps4 btw so we might see some fun games from them too.

I have so many nostalgic memories for wipeout.. i bought my first ever 3d accelerator card for WipEout2097 on PC, the Voodoo3Dfx, which you had to add to your already existing videocard, crazy stuff back then, and i will never ever in my life forget how WipEout2097 looked on this card.. .mind blowing stuff.. it was.. oh the memories....

We also met and took turns trying to get "perfect laps" (still hear the sound in my mind) while having some funny tasting smokes.. ( i dont know what they where, i swear to god, i thought some menthols :D)

Oh the memories again, i really enjoyed playing WO2097, hanging out with my friends back then.. good times.

Avatar image for shanakar

Make it moddable and it will surely become popular. Modders making their own vehicle and stage models and sharing them with the community. STEAM Workshop etc etc. Would really give the game a life like no other.

Avatar image for nintendoboy16

Now there's a genre that needs a return.

Avatar image for RyogaRod

I can see this being sold for 20 bucks and under, kind of like a trials fusion game. They would be crazy to charge 50-60 bucks based on what they have presented so far.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

tbh I think I would rather buy a wii-u when a new f-zero game releases than bother with this game. when it comes to futuristic racing games, f-zero is king.

Avatar image for Master_Of_Fools

<< LINK REMOVED >> Fast Racing Neo is about as close to F-Zero as we will get lol.

Avatar image for klonoa53

Good, now someone bring back X-tream G

Avatar image for BravoOneActual


Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

wondered why there was no wipeout on the ps4 launch.... the one on vita just sucked balls

the backing tune is annoying and why bother making a game thats not wipeout but looks excatly like wipeout but isnt wipeout?

unless this is pre-wipeout

Avatar image for MrNewsman

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sony closed the wipeout studio, that's why.

Avatar image for rexpowercolt


Avatar image for code7

Hell yeah! I have all the WipEouts, including 2048. I'd buy this on Day 1!

Avatar image for Attitude2000

Crazy...whatever happened to futuristic racing? For all the ideas people keep putting forth about advances in gameplay, entire genres seemed to die about two console generations ago. I'd like to see another game in the vein of Urban Reign or Beat Down fists of vengeance where you go through all these city streets being up random guys in a 3D space.

Avatar image for Tangsta03

Narrow tracks means these types of games are very skill-based, which means it still wont be very mainstream. I'd thought they'd learn by now that adding a bit more accessibility (easier to handle wider tracks) would make this franchise more popular.

Avatar image for nanorazor

<< LINK REMOVED >> They will never learn... That why the last one failed in sales

Avatar image for gajbutler

Where is the sense of speed?

Avatar image for BludshedX

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm wondering the same thing. I was watching this thinking, "This is pretty slow."

Come on devs.. a game for adrenalin junkies with no adrenalin inducing speed?!

Avatar image for Red_hot_smasher

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I completely agree, this looks like classic Wipeout on Venom, maybe. Needs to be, like, twice as fast when maxed out, at least. Then again, I haven't played Wipeout since Wipeout 64 and looking at videos of the HD Wipeout games, I could swear all the speeds got knocked down a notch, felt like HD Phantom was like 64 Rapier. Might just be me though.

Avatar image for TheExxorcist

Kinda wish someone would make a new "Extreme G" game... if I remember correctly a publisher from Nintendo sold the rights... but what happend?

As far as Racing... I would love a polished remake of "SanFransico Rush" "Rush 2" or a new on all together lol

Is Midway still around???

Avatar image for Nathalmighty1

Should have kickstarted it. I know I would donate to get a new 'Wipeout' game.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

I liked the first Wipeout where ones could feel the inertia of the vehicles.
The game was slower paced than the follower and you needed to throw the vehicle before the sharp turns into the position.
I spent hours of playing that game(disabled all weps).
And on top of that the fantastic soundtrack!

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

This genre is pretty much dead there's a reason Nintendo is so reluctant to revive F-Zero...

Avatar image for Master_Of_Fools

<< LINK REMOVED >> The thing with F-Zero is Miyamoto had said, Nintendo knows people want F-Zero and Starfox but Nintendo didn't want to outsource their games, and they couldn't come up with any ideas to innovate the franchise again. Though we are now getting Starfox next year, so it's possible F-Zero could show up at somepoint. Miyamoto just has to come up with something new to do with it.

Avatar image for Redsyrup

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's only dead because the devs remain uninspired. We keep seeing dismal roller coasters on narrow tracks with too many turns. Not enough straightaways. The games are essentially unplayable. The GBA F-Zeros have fared much better. The multitude of turns is just a programming trick to keep their graphics engine running at a high clip.

I'd happily trade visuals for playable/interesting track designs. The last few wipeouts have just been first person guitar heroes.

Avatar image for blackace

It looks just like Wipeout to me. That was pretty much copied from Nintendo's F-Zero. The Wipeout games are decent, but do we need another one for next-gen?

Avatar image for sakaixx

I always buys the wipeout series, It's kinda a tradition for me since every time a new numbered or spin off playstation system came out, you can always count on wipeout to help hurdle through early next gen game drought. shame ps4 din't get that series.

Avatar image for amaneuvering

I'd rather just have a new Wipeout because there's nothing here that's any different and in fact I actually prefer the vehicle designs in Wipeout.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Too rough of a video for me to make a proper assessment. Can't say I'm excited for it or even interested in it. I'll have to see what it looks like once they get past the conceptual stage.

Avatar image for m4a5

Always enjoyed me some futuristic combat racing

Hoping that Xtreme-G can pop up again too...

Avatar image for xisiuizado

It looks cool. Good luck. :)

Avatar image for lilflipp

FALCON PAWNCHH!!... oh wait wrong franchise.

Avatar image for zinten

Is it just my imagination or the way the ships move in this video look really stiff compared to old wipeout games ?

Avatar image for variable21

<< LINK REMOVED >> nope thought the same

Avatar image for tomservo51

wipeout was cool, but i cant say this video got me excited for it.

Avatar image for ahpuck

F-Zero's great grandchildren.

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