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Watch Every Super Bowl 2020 Movie And TV Trailer: Mulan, Black Widow, WandaVision, And More

The big game means big trailers.


Millions tuned into the NFL's Super Bowl earlier this week to watch the Kansas City Chiefs go head to head against the San Francisco 49ers, but not everyone tuned in for the game alone. There's something for everyone during the big game, including funny commercials and highly-anticipated TV spots, and this year's event didn't disappoint--from Black Widow to Amazon Prime Video's Hunters, there were tons of awesome movie and TV show trailers to catch. [Update: Many of the movies featured in these trailers have been delayed due to the coronavirus, with the latest being Black Widow.]

It's par for the course at this point for the Super Bowl to deliver plenty of big movie trailers to get hyped about. But with TV shows becoming a major emphasis even for companies like Marvel, there was a lot happening on Sunday night. Below, you can check out all of the big movie and TV show trailers, including the surprise one for several of Marvel's upcoming Disney+ shows. If you're more interested in a laugh, you can also check out our roundup of the funniest Super Bowl 2020 commercials.

A Quiet Place 2

While John Krasinski's A Quiet Place follow-up didn't get a new trailer during the big game, there was a TV spot during the pre-game. In the video, we catch a glimpse of what the beginning of the invasion looked like. And director Krasinski reprised his role as Lee Abbott, before he and his family were sentenced to silence in the post-apocalyptic world.


While a 30-second spot aired prior to kickoff, the full final trailer for Mulan was released online. The new video doesn't give a lot more insight into the movie--with what we've already seen in the previous trailers--but there are some really cool action sequences there.


While last Friday's F9 trailer was amazing--primarily because Han is alive again--there was a quick, 30-second spot during the NFL game. The video featured some of the ridiculous action sequences we already saw in the trailer before, including the car swinging from a rope.

Top Gun: Maverick

It's the highway to the danger zone in the latest Top Gun spot. If you love videos of Tom Cruise's face while he's flying a plane, this video is for you.

Black Widow

Black Widow didn't get a full trailer for the Super Bowl, but there was a new 30-second spot with a few cool moments in it, like David Harbour screaming for some reason. Additionally, there were a couple new shots of Taskmaster.

Minions 2

Find out more about the world of the Minions with a sequel to the 2015 movie with the subtitle "The Rise of Gru." There is a full trailer for the upcoming movie coming on February 5.

No Time To Die

This may be the last time we see Daniel Craig as James Bond, so let's take him in while we can. The Super Bowl spot for No Time To Die has a lot of action packed into a 30-second spot.


It may not be a movie, but the upcoming Amazon Prime Video original Hunters released a full trailer during the game.

MCU Shows On Disney+

In what ended up being a huge surprise, Disney+ aired a brief commercial for upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows coming to the streaming service. We saw clips from WandaVision, Loki, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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