Watch Doom and Psychonauts Devs Play and Talk About Their Games in New Series

Watch the first episode about The Lion King and Aladdin Sega Genesis games.


Developer Double Fine and 2 Player Productions have launched Devs Play, a new video series where game developers play and provide running commentary on a variety of games.

The debut, hour-long episode features Double Fine's Greg Rice and Westwood Studios co-founder Louis Castle. Westwood Studios is best known for its work on the real-time strategy series Command & Conquer, but in this episode Rice and Castle play and talk about two games based on Disney animated movies: The Lion King, which Westwood developed in 1994, and Aladdin, which Castle worked on with Virgin Games.

One future episode worth keeping an eye out for features Double Fine's JP LeBreton and id Software co-founder as the two play through the first episode of Doom, “Knee Deep in the Dead,” in its entirety. "John Romero’s run through each level turns up fresh and encyclopedic insight into how this genre-defining title was designed and set the stage for first-person action games for years to come," Double Fine said.

Other announced episodes:

  • Psychonauts - Featuring the original development team with guest Stephen Kiazyk
  • Earthbound (The Mother Trilogy) - Featuring Costume Quest 2 programmer Ben Burbank
  • Gauntlet DS (which was never released) - Featuring Massive Chalice producer Anthony Vaughn and artist Geoff Soulis with guest Backbone Entertainment head Mike Mika
  • The Legend of Zelda - Featuring Hack N Slash creator Brandon Dillon and producer Matt Hansen

You can watch the first episode above, and new episodes will release weekly through January 27, 2015.

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