Watch Dogs Opens Strong in Japan, Sells More Than 94,000 Copies

Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4 was the second best selling game in Japan.


Watch Dogs
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When Watch Dogs became the most pre-ordered game in GameStop’s history, it was clear it would perform well for Ubisoft in the United States, but it’s also enjoying some success in Japan.

According to the Media Create sales charts (via Gematsu), Watch Dogs sold 94,623 copies in Japan in its first week since launch. 63,595 of those copies were of the PlayStation 4 version, which was the second best selling game in Japan that week. The PlayStation 3 version came in at the No. 6 spot with 31,028 copies sold.

As you can see, the rest of the chart is dominated by Japanese games:

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [PSV] Freedom Wars (SCEJ, 06/26/14) – 188,888 (New)

  2. [PS4] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 63,595 (New)

  3. [PS3] Kamen Rider: Battride War II (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 62,649 (New)

  4. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 53,095 (New)

  5. [PSV] Girls und Panzer: Master the Tankery (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 31,526 (New)

  6. [PS3] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 31,028 (New)

  7. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 29,590 (1,147,202)

  8. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 23,520 (492,837)

  9. [3DS] Pokemon Art Academy (Nintendo, 06/19/14) – 15,373 (46,454)

  10. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, 05/22/14) – 13,026 (136,893)

Watch Dogs has also done extremely well in the United States. According to the last report from the NPD, it was the best selling game in retail for the month of May 2014. In early June, Ubisoft confirmed it already sold 4 million copies since it launched on May 27, making it the "best-selling new IP at launch across the video game industry." Ubisoft expects it will sell more than 6 million units throughout its lifetime.

Watch Dogs is out on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. While there has been talk of a sequel, if it ever happens it won't take nearly as long to develop, Ubisoft said in April.

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