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Watch Dogs Legion's Breakout Star Is Helen, Assassin Granny

This isn't your grandma's grandma.

Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference had quite a few unexpected surprises, but none seems to have hit as hard as an octogenarian with a mean streak. Helen, one of the showcased playable characters from Watch Dogs Legion, has captured the hearts of the Internet.

That's no small feat, because the pitch behind Legion is that anyone is a playable character. Any of the residents of London you find wandering have their own stories and backgrounds and habits, and you can hack into their lives and learn more about them to recruit them. Many of them have specialized skills like brawling or robotics expertise. Helen, according to the trailer, is a former assassin, and the wrinkles have made her no less deadly.

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The Internet quickly agreed: Helen's pretty great.

Others felt instantly protective of their surrogate grandma.

And still others committed to making Helen their main.

Helen. She'll knit a blanket for your coffin and then put you in it.

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