Watch Dogs Legion Will Allow You To Recruit Beekeepers Armed With Nano-Bee Swarms

Entomologists and soccer hooligans with a passion for anarchy are just some of the characters you can recruit to your side.


Watch Dogs Legion will allow you to play as anyone you want, whether it be a blue-collar construction worker or an elderly assassin who may inconveniently succumb to old age during a mission. Every character that you can potentially recruit to your growing resistance has a particular set of skills that may come in handy depending on the mission -- like a beekeeper who can summon a swarm of bees to attack enemies with.

"This is a really fun character to play," Watch Dogs Legion's game director Kent Hudson explained in a new Future Games Show video. "She can do a bee swarm, which is actually near-future nano-bees. She also has an overcharger which is a really cool and unique weapon that synergizes with the bees and creates a big discharge blast."

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To recruit the entomologist, players will have to destroy stolen data that has fallen into the hands of the private military company Albion, in a two-part mission. The gameplay shows off a stealthy approach as an Albion employee makes use of remote control cameras to download the entire layout of the area where the files are kept.

Part two of the mission used a less subtle approach, as the player assumed control of a soccer hooligan who could call in reinforcements and cause chaos. Hudson also highlighted how if players used only melee attacks, enemies would respond in kind and only escalate towards an armed conflict if players drew their weapons first. For players who favor stealth, an AI shroud tech ability was also shown off, which allows for bodies to be hidden from other guards and prevent an alarm from being raised.

You'll be able to recruit beekeepers, hooligans, and many other non-playable characters to your hacker team, by profiling the set schedule of these NPCs as they roam around London. If you're looking for an added challenge, there's even an optional permadeath mode that can be activated for the main campaign.

For more on Watch Dogs Legion, you can check out our Watch Dogs: Legion pre-order guide to learn about the bonuses and editions that will be available before the game arrives in October on PC, Xbox One, Stadia and PS4. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Watch Dogs Legion will also receive cross-buy support, in case you're looking to upgrade when the next-gen hardware arrives.

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