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Watch Dogs: Legion takes series to new heights with Play as Anyone feature

Everyone can join the resistance to take the city of London back from its dystopian future

Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest and biggest entry in the series, taking you to the streets of London as criminal organizations have overtaken the city. Following the spirit of the previous two games, it’s your task to hack your way through the enemy forces and regain control. Only this time, you won’t be alone -- anyone in the city can join your revolution thanks to the Play as Anyone feature.

Play as Anyone is an ambitious, never-seen-before premise. As part of DedSec, you’re tasked to recruit citizens to stir up the underground resistance and begin causing a ruckus. The intriguing twist is that everyone has the potential to help support the cause and make these changes happen. There’s no such thing as non-playable characters. Anyone from punks and street artists to grandparents have their own array of abilities to offer.

The secret hacking collective of DedSec has always been a varied and interesting crew, but for the first time, you’re in control of choosing the new candidates that will set out to make history, inspiring others to do the same and becoming stronger together. Each potential recruit carries a personal backstory, as well as unique perks and gadgets, and it’s your mission to convince them that they can be a part of your movement by listening to their problems and letting DedSec handle the rest.

The sheer variety of skills really makes the characters stand out from one another in multiple ways. Some are excellent when it comes to knocking on the front door with powerful weapons, while others can bypass certain areas more easily as construction workers or even paramedics. In Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s up to you to decide who joins DedSec’s finest.

Once someone new is on-board, you’ll be able to change between characters in real time, tracking their current activities from the city’s map. They are all customizable, too. You get to choose their abilities, from stealth to hacking maneuvers, focusing on what each of your recruits does best. Before sending them over to a mission, make sure to pass by a clothing store to personalize their appearance, from London’s everyday wares to all sorts of over-the-top masks.

Watch Dogs: Legion takes the ideas that have been evolving ever since the first entry in the series to new heights, quite literally. Hacking takes on a new scale, making this the most advanced dystopian setting in the franchise. That’s reflected in the available gadgets, as well, such as massive drones overseeing the crowded streets. By choosing the right recruit, you can take control and even pilot these drones, gaining tactical advantages over the enemy without any guard interrupting your infiltration.

But this is only one of the ways in which you can make use of this new playground. In this rated M for Mature experience, storming one of the many criminal organizations’ headquarters can play out very differently if you choose to stay in the shadows and avoid firearms completely, use spider drones to take enemies one by one, or employ all sorts of lethal weapons, leaving no witnesses behind.

Whether you want to join forces with a beekeeper who happens to be visiting the city and can use a bee swarm to distract enemies, an expert driver who’s equally skillful at hacking vehicles, or a street artist ready to make use of their paintball gun, Watch Dogs: Legion encourages you to make the most out of the Play as Anyone feature. It’s the next big step from the franchise, and we can’t wait to build our own team, create new skill sets for each one of the recruits, and try out all the exciting gadgets that await to be discovered to fight back and recover the city.

You can learn more about the ways the Play as Anyone feature will impact your experience in Watch Dogs: Legion at the official site, and start making preparations ahead of the game’s launch on Xbox One on October 29, and on the next generation of Xbox consoles on November 10.

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