Watch Dogs: Legion Is Overheating Xbox One X Consoles [Update]

Update: Reviewers were reporting Watch Dogs: Legion shutting down and overheating their Xbox One X during the main story. This issue has since been fixed.


[Update: According to Eurogamer, the patch released on October 29 has resolved this issue. Xbox One X players should now be able to enjoy the game without worry.]

Watch Dogs: Legion released today and it's the hot new game, but it looks like that was taken a little too literally on Xbox One X. Multiple reviewers have reported that the pre-release version of the game has overheated their console, shutting it down and preventing them from making further progress in the story.

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This was the case for Eurogamer during its time reviewing the game, and Ubisoft told the website that a patch is already scheduled to launch on October 30. That's tomorrow, so if you got the game on Xbox One X, we suggest possibly holding off for one day in order to potentially save yourself some trouble. It could also save your system some trouble.

The issue occurs during the early stages of the campaign and forces the console to shut down in order to cool itself. Certain other games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Borderlands 3 have had issues with shutting down the Xbox One X, but these were somewhat random in comparison.

EGM's Michael Goroff experienced the overheating issue, but didn't see it happen on a standard Xbox One. There, it ran into some frame rate trouble but didn't shut down.

In the case of The Guardian's Keza MacDonald, her Xbox would not turn on for a few hours after the issue occurred. She said she spoke to several other people reviewing the game who encountered similar issues on the platform, as Xbox One X was Ubisoft's recommendation.

With the hotfix arriving shortly after the game's launch for the general public, you'll hopefully not encounter this issue by the time you get your hands on the game. Watch Dogs: Legion was originally scheduled to launch back in March before being delayed. When the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 consoles arrive next month, players will get free upgrades from the current-gen versions.

GameSpot's Alessandro Fillari enjoyed Watch Dogs: Legion, awarding the game an 8/10 in our Watch Dogs: Legion review. He found the game structure and missions somewhat inconsistent in quality, but enjoyed the message, hacking gameplay, and new recruitment system.

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