Watch Dogs Easter Egg Recalls Xbox One Kinect Privacy Concerns

Ubisoft takes aim at Microsoft in latest Watch Dogs easter egg.


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It all kicked off when Microsoft announced the Xbox One last year, with the corporation originally asking users to pop an always-online, high-definition camera in the middle of their living room. It was right around the time that we learnt UK spy agency GCHQ considered using the 360's Kinect for surveillance, if you recall. Microsoft later reversed the controversial policy--though it always insisted that it would not be able to track what you were doing in front of the lens.

Ubisoft, coincidentally, has snuck a little easter egg into Watch Dogs showing protagonist Aiden Pierce hack into the feed of one gamer's "Kinekt" device. Eurogamer spotted the nod and quickly archived it online, so that it can live forever. By the way, there's some swearing.

Another quirky mission in Watch Dogs has you track down the Abstergo Entertainment CEO, last seen in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The game also features the occasional glimpse of Ubisoft's Rabbids.

Watch Dogs, which was released last week, has already sold over four million copies.

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