Watch Dogs Easter Egg Features Gangsta-Rapping Trout

What's it like to be a fish in the waters of Chicago? Find out in this NSFW video.

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Warning: This video contains NSFW language. (Or maybe just use headphones.)

Just days after release, a funny Watch Dogs Easter egg featuring a gangsta-rapping trout has been discovered. As detailed in the video above (first found by the Watch Dogs Central YouTube account), when you "hack" the Singing Trout, it begins to rap about what it's like to be a fish in Chicago.

The results are hilarious. It's obviously a spoof on the popular "Big Mouth Billy Bass" animatronic prop that was all the rage in the early 2000s. Who knows what other secrets Watch Dogs has in store for us.

Watch Dogs launched on Tuesday across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, with a Wii U version to follow. It quickly became Ubisoft's fastest-selling game of all time. No hard sales numbers have been released so far, but Ubisoft expects it to sell over 6 million units in its lifetime--that's the same figure the original Assassin's Creed did in 2007. American conservative TV and radio host Glenn Beck recently criticized the game for promoting hacking.

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