Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed movies joined by Rabbids in Ubisoft stable

Publisher confirms feature film based on Rabbids franchise today, joining Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Splinter Cell.


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Ubisoft today confirmed it is entering production on an animated/live-action Rabbids feature film, meaning the French publisher is now developing a total of six movies based on its tentpole franchises.

Films based on franchises like Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Splinter Cell are also in the works, Ubisoft confirmed previously. In all instances, Ubisoft will retain creative control.

Ubisoft's Motion Pictures label is making the Rabbids movie with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the mega group behind films like Spider-Man and James Bond movie Skyfall. No plot or casting details for the Rabbids movie were announced, but Ubisoft has promised that the film will maintain the "creative integrity" of the Rabbids franchise.

Given the nature of the Rabbids franchise, it's more than likely the film will be a light comedy aimed at a young audience. The Rabbids movie follows the series TV show Rabbids Invasion, which Ubisoft said draws 2 million viewers per episode in the United States and has been seen by a total of 165 million people worldwide since its debut five months ago.

The zany Rabbids franchise began as a video game, but has since grown to comic books and various other merchandise, as well as a special attraction at France's Futuroscope theme park. The latest game in the series was 2013's mobile title Rabbids Big Bang.

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i dont know what to expect.. but i've been waiting for game movies for years especially AC series and Splinter Cell series.. they both has very great story despite AC has many twist plot.. but they have style.. i mean i love action movies.. and here i would love to see AC movie jumping and climbing the building while assassinate the enemy.. watch dogs.. would love if it could make me fall in tears.. i almost did with the game but i didn't.. i dont want to tell why.. might spoil the story.. and for far cry.. (never play the first 2) but far cry 3? Vass? Whoa!

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I think the Minions spin-off movie from Despicable Me will be more successful than this one, but the popularity of those figures also means that this Rabbids movie might draw a crowd.

Although not one of Ubisoft's movies, the Need for Speed movie is coming in a month and we'll see if it's Breaking office records, Breaking even or simply just Breaking Bad.

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Oh, but hopefully it's not going to be like the animated series. I mean, of course aimated, but the show is too childish, although there are some funny episodes. The rabbids aren't rabid anymore, they aren't the retarded, raging nuts we've first encountered in Rayman Raving Rabbids. We wanna see them scream like crazy with red frikin eyes and go berzerk on all s**t.

Avatar image for Samparksh

It better be good.Because just in case Ubisoft thinks that we'll go and watch any sh*t they throw on us,they are in for a rude awakening.

Avatar image for -Vulpix-

Didn't know they were going to make a Watch Dogs or Splinter Cell movie.

Hopefully Assassin's Creed movie won't suck, I did like Prince of Persia movie.

Avatar image for Baelath

The original Assassin's Creed game has a lot of potential, if they downplay a lot of the Desmond stuff. The Shi'ite sect of Assassins is an extremely fascinating bit of history from the Crusades that (surprisingly) has never, to my knowledge, gotten a lot of media attention.
You would cut out the repetitive nature of the plot line; re-enhance Altair's character; and just please for the love of god keep it as historically accurate (or more so) than the original game, and I think you'd be fine.

The games are successful because of their "historical tourism" - I think that idea would translate really well into a movie trilogy, or movie.

Avatar image for SingletreeAve

It's going to be tough to top Prince of Persia but I think they could do it with Just Dance: The Movie.

Avatar image for surfepic

Never enjoyed games into movies. Silent hill lack the atmosphere of the game.

For example: I bet we will not get a single drop of blood in Assassins creed movie, they always tend to convert a great and gory game into a Disney fable, and it really really sucks.. It is a shame for cinema industry to kill the original atmosphere and "reality" of the original games. Pathetic.

Avatar image for RuthlessRich

This Splinter Cell film was announced about 10 years ago and still doesn't seem to be happening

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

That's a lot of incoming crap.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

Games never translate well into movies.

Well there are a few exceptions I kind of liked the first Resident Evil but it went down hill fast as soon as they even thought of making Nemesis into a movie character. That is one character which will just never work in cinema.

Silent Hill was also pretty good. I like the changes it made. Was like a spin off that was faithful to the original and actually did a reasonably good job.

What else. Not much comes to mind to be honest. I suppose that Halo TV series wasn't too bad as shows go.

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@Dannystaples14 "Games never translate well into movies" - depends on the game. Any property that's always been about the gameplay will bomb if they try to bolt on a story and make it into a film (see Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Dead or Alive - frankly, all fighting, platforming, puzzle or racing games. This is also why Portal would make a crap movie.)

But I have high hopes for the Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect films since they're games with good stories and strong characters. To be honest, I don't regard them as "pure" games - they're games that are already trying really hard to be films. Many of the problems I've had with every Assassin's Creed game are because of that.

PS - the Final Fantasy movie. Following from my point, you'd have thought that a series which has traditionally done stories and characters well would succeed as a movie. I guess FF is an exception to my rule, but that's mostly because they wrote an original story and it just sucked.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah but I think your rule is polar and the opposite direction.

Making games into movies is largely a failure but making a game based on a movie or one that is like the style of a movie is easy because it is all about the story.

It is one of the reasons I like games is because it can tell a story and give the point of view of a world which hardly ever translates well into a movie. Just like Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VII, is the little pixellated sprite on the world map to me, and mixing that to the cut scenes at set places in the game IS the story. How do you translate something which has text bubbles and world exploration and turn based battles into a movie? It can't be done without removing all of those things, which means it would automatically never be the same.

Assassin's Creed is all about the free running. And I know free running is fun, but only when you are doing it yourself. Sat in a cinema watching a movie of it would be kind of underwhelming as far as I can see. Even the trailer to Assassin's Creed IV was wildly faked and that was the trailer to a game about 30 seconds long.

Avatar image for ggregd

Have there ever been any good game movies or movie games? The bright spot is when and if they all fail to recoup their investment maybe Ubisoft will go out of business.

Avatar image for SingletreeAve

<< LINK REMOVED >> The first Riddick game is actually decent.

Avatar image for snugglebear

Sweet jebus on a pogo stick, no more frickin Rabbids stuff.

Avatar image for digitaldame

Wild guess, Rabbids will be louder, more obnoxious versions of *Minions.
(*Despicable Me)

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rabid dogs

Avatar image for catsimboy

I like the Rabbid show but I don't know if I could handle a feature length film of it. I think it works best in current TV show format of three short scenes which have no interconnecting story.

Avatar image for StHapns247

Maybe they should release one before they keep adding more.

Avatar image for Nintyfan95

The Rabbid show draws in 2 million episode, yet lacks a concept.

Avatar image for Barighm

Sadly, given how movies tend to be these days, this will likely be the most commercially successful of the bunch.

Avatar image for nintendo_police

Minions vs Rabbids

Avatar image for Spacewalker0001

<< LINK REMOVED >> Minions > Rabbids

Avatar image for senorbusyman

remember kids on mondays eddie is bored & has to post articles that we read many MONTHS ago. he either must ve bored or lazy

Avatar image for blackothh

and every single one of these movies is going to suck

Avatar image for foxrock66

We already knew about this.

Back when Gamespot posted an article about it MONTHS AGO

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> I also felt a moment of deja vu, so I failed to see where the "new" in news came in.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

Nowadays they make movies uit of anything, iam surprised there is no Flappy Bird movie announced.

Avatar image for blackothh

<< LINK REMOVED >> it will be the sequel for angry birds

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

<< LINK REMOVED >> Stop giving ideas damnit!

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Avatar image for tinyname

<< LINK REMOVED >> Are you Amanda Hackey?