Watch Dogs 2's Seamless Multiplayer Starting to Come Online

Some features are now available on PS4, with Xbox One following later today.


After spending its first week without seamless online multiplayer, Ubisoft is beginning to finally enable the feature in Watch Dogs 2.

Ubisoft promised an update on the situation today after it failed to bring the mode online over the weekend. And the early news is encouraging: The "first phase" of seamless online multiplayer was brought back online on PS4 earlier today (at 11 AM PST) and the plan is to do the same with the Xbox One version later today ("by early afternoon PST").

Using the in-game multiplayer app, you'll now be able to invite friends to co-op (or search for a partner), hack into other players' worlds, and take part in Bounty Hunts. If things go well, the remaining portion of seamless multiplayer will then be turned on, allowing Bounty mode to "occur seamlessly" in the world without using the app. You'll also be able to bump into other players in the world, letting you take part in co-op missions and DedSec events.

Today's additions come alongside the release of update 1.05. Specific patch notes for this weren't shared; Ubisoft simply says it includes "important crash fixes that improve stability."

We'll continue to monitor the game's online situation and report back with any developments. There's no word on the status of the feature in the upcoming PC version.

Watch Dogs 2 launched last week with seamless multiplayer support disabled. First-week sales of the game were lower than expected, though Ubisoft says that may change going forward.

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OMG, my drone was flying with 3 other online Co-op drones battling other online hackers was just an epic pioneering achievement in Gaming Interaction History!

Add me: NateisGod4

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Let the grenade launcher spam commence! Uh yeah F that. The combat is bad enough with NPCs using machine guns.

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It seems awesome!

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I hope they can patch the car chase ai like cops and such for realistic mode, because they are literally impossible to escape from, by far the best ai car chasing ever, in one hand, I'm impressed, the other, it makes me want to throw my controller at the wall. I can only escape from them through death, it's frustrating as hell.

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@darksynced: Yep. First pursuit i got into and i immediately remembered how terrible Watch Dogs 1's pursuits are and WD2's are just as bad.

Cops spawning ahead of you on the road you're on is just such BS. And what's the point of hiding in your car when the police just drive right on top of you and spot you anyway?