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Watch Destiny's Honest Trailer Speak the Truth

Check out the new Honest Game Trailers take on Bungie's new game.


The latest entry in Smosh Games' Honest Game Trailers series was released over the weekend, and it tackles September's biggest and most controversial game: Destiny.

Like other Honest Game Trailers, this one presents the game without any of the marketing fluff that (expectedly) fills those released by Activision. It's all very snarky (it's trying to make you laugh, after all), but it does highlight many of the points that players have been making over the past month, such as missions so often boiling down to protecting your companion while he does something.

Despite what the video would have you believe, Destiny does have matchmaking, but only in certain game modes. That may not prove to be the case forever, as Bungie said just recently that it's at least contemplating the possibility of introducing matchmaking for raids. Currently, your only hope of taking part in raids--provided you've reached the requisite level--is gathering together a group of five other friends who have enough spare time to play at the same time.

Another issue raised--Engrams turning out to be worse-than-expected items--has already been dealt with. Still, the video makes its most appropriate remark of all when it notes how everyone complains about the game, yet they still can't stop playing it.

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