Watch Destiny Players Beat Toughest Raid Without Firing a Gun

Fireteam complete's Crota's End without firing a single shot.


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While they aren't the first to take down Destiny's newest raid, Crota's End, a new fireteam appears to be the first to have done so without firing a gun.

That's right, a team of level-32 Titans ("TITANS ARE AWESOME!!" they say) has brought down Crota on Normal, not Hard mode, using only melee attacks, grenades, super abilities, and blinding bubbles.

The impressive feat, achieved on Xbox One, is chronicled over three separate videos. Be sure to watch through the end to witness the team's pure elation as they take down Crota, launching into an impromptu dance party to celebrate their achievement.

In other Destiny-related news, details about the game's next expansion pack--House of Wolves--recently leaked. Read all about it here.

Via: Reddit

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