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Watch Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris DLC's First Campaign Mission Gameplay

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It’s a lot easier to get to get to the Lighthouse this time.

Bungie has detailed the first expansion for Destiny 2, called Curse of Osiris, in a livestream today. Recently, GameSpot got a chance to check out the expansion at Bungie's headquarters. In the video above, you can watch the first mission from Curse of Osiris, called Gateway.

The expansion takes you to Mercury for the first time (in Destiny 2, anyway) and prominently features Ikora and, as you might expect, Osiris. The Vex have converted Mercury into a giant computer called the Infinite Forest that simulates reality, similar to Destiny 1's Vault of Glass. Without getting spoilery, Osiris has essentially hacked his way inside and needs your help.

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This first mission takes you to the Lighthouse for the first time, which is much easier than it was in Destiny 1. It serves as a safe area like the church in the EDZ, and Brother Vance, a follower of Osiris, is the NPC vendor here. The expansion will also introduce the first Raid Lair, which looks to be a major part of Destiny 2 moving forward.

We'll be able to talk more about the DLC following Bungie's livestreams--which are scheduled for November 15, 21, and 29. Curse of Osiris releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 5. That will coincide with the launch of an update that changes Destiny 2's weekly reset and the Guided Games feature. Additionally, Bungie will release an update that provides PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements for Destiny 2.

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