Watch CD Projekt Exec Talk Cyberpunk 2077, Moving on From The Witcher, Free DLC

Marcin Iwinski discusses the past, present, and future of his studio.


Following The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Game of the Year Award victory at GDC, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski joined GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer on The Lobby to discuss the past, present, and future of the studio.

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In the interview, which is the first in a series of upcoming GDC developer sessions, Iwinski covers a number of topics. Among these are the impact of its free DLC strategy, which he said he hopes other companies will also see the benefit of.

"I had a discussion about a month ago with one of the publishers ... and they said 'Wow Marcin, [that was] such a smart plan,' but it wasn't a plan. Of course we planned the production, but we just wanted to do it, it was as a genuine move, we think it's a cool standard and would like other people to do it.

"If they do something like that, even if the motivation is something like getting an additional two percent of sales, I'm good with that. I’d like to see more make that happen. I’d like to see it in other games as well."

Elsewhere in the interview, Iwinski was asked whether CD Projekt has any intention of tackling multiplayer and offering deeper online connectivity in its projects.

"Yes, we're definitely interested in extending the time gamers are spending in our games, whether we do it through online functionality or not, we'll see," he said.

"[The Witcher 3] is the first time we're doing expansions. We didn't before because we didn't have the resources. We're doing expansions our way and, if one day we do online, we'll do that our way. It'll be different."

Another interesting point of discussion is whether The Witcher 3 is truly the end of the series, given how much of a success the game was.

"Yes, definitely. Definitely. Definitely. I was asked about it before, whether there will be Witcher 4 and whatnot, but I'm saying we love the world, we are big fans of [Andrzej Sapkowski's] writings, but yeah. If something happens maybe somewhere down the line … but we don’t have anything planned," he said.

"Honestly speaking, there’s nothing we are working on right now. I think we need to rest, we spent the last 14 years in this world, and we love it, but right now it's Cyberpunk time and we have to put everything we've got and then some [into it] and deliver.

"Maybe we'll come back, maybe we'll tell some different stories at some point, but right now I think we've promised Cyberpunk, and it's time to do some work here."

You can watch the full interview in the video above or download it as a podcast here.

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