Watch BioWare's Second Creepy Teaser Video for Its New Project

You've been chosen.


Shadow Realms

Update: BioWare has released a second teaser video through its You've Been Chosen website. The new "Spark" video shows a young man whose phone is called repeatedly by an unknown number, which he ignores in order to continue drawing a ring-like shape on a napkin. A ring of fire from the first teaser is briefly shown on-screen (this time with blue flames) before his phone explodes and a hooded figure is shown to be watching him from outside.

Original Story: BioWare has release a new "Nightmare" teaser trailer for what would appear to be its next project. You can watch the 40-second video above, which shows a man awaken in his bed from a nightmare consisting of broken lamps, a ring of fire, a suit-wearing man with smoke in place of a head, and other creepy things that make me glad I'm not watching it at night.

The video was sent out to select fans by email along with the text "You've Been Chosen" and a link to the website The website is home to very little currently, but it does offer the following bit of text in relation to the new video: "The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You've Been Chosen. Watch the new 'Nightmare' teaser from BioWare."

Cologne is the location of Gamescom, the annual games convention scheduled to run this year from August 13-17.

Eurogamer notes that there looks to be an ARG tied to the tease that's currently underway involving a fictitious search for someone named Henna. Flyers seeking her out are reportedly being handed out at San Diego Comic-Con. All Games Beta reports an image in the email contains "Shadow Realms" in its filename; that's a name BioWare's owner, Electronic Arts, trademarked earlier this year.

BioWare is known to be working on a new IP in addition to a new Mass Effect game. The new Mass Effect is in the works at BioWare Montreal, while BioWare Edmonton, the team behind the original Mass Effect trilogy--as well as the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic--are focused on the new IP. It was said to already be playable as of last December, and last month executive producer Casey Hudson said the new IP would tell "contemporary stories."

It was reported by USGamer earlier this year that BioWare planned to collaborate with FailBetter Games, developer of Fallen London, on a new project. It's possible that's what this new game is, but unless more information is revealed ahead of Gamescom--which is possible between SDCC and the ARG--we'll have to wait at least a few more weeks to have a better grasp of what the game is.

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