Watch BioShock, Skyrim, and Counter-Strike Get the Lego FPS Treatment

What would it be like if these first-person games were played in a Lego world?


We've seen official Lego games cross over with numerous entertainment franchises, from Star Wars to Batman to Lord of the Rings. A new video entitled Lego: First Person Shooter takes a number of video game franchises and gives them a similar sort of Lego treatment.

This short film from Andrew McMurry shows what it would be like to play four games--Portal, Skyrim, BioShock, and Counter-Strike--as if they were played in Lego worlds. They all retain their first-person cameras, which makes a cool video all the more impressive.

You can check out more of McMurry's work on YouTube, where you can find his other impressive work, like Fallout vs. Skyrim, Mario vs. Minecraft, and SimCity: Mayor Meltdown.

In the way of official Lego games, the Skylanders-esque Lego Dimensions was recently announced and features crossovers with Portal, Back to the Future, and a number of other franchises.

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