Watch Behind-the-Scenes Videos for Mad Max: Fury Road

See how they built the Doof Wagon and what it took to bring the Immortan Joe character to life.


It's a big day for Mad Max fans. Not only has Just Cause creator Avalanche Studios released their new game based on the film series, but the latest entry, Fury Road, launches today on DVD and Blu-ray.

Now, we're bringing you a couple behind-the-scenes vignettes for Fury Road. The first highlights the movie's "Doof Wagon," which we learn is actually a spruced up version of a vehicle that originally launched rockets. Now, it's home to 64 speakers and a man wielding a flamethrower guitar. Seems about right.

The second video provides an inside look into how filmmakers brought the character Immortan Joe to life. Take a look at both videos below, while you can read our Mad Max 6/10 game review here.

In other Mad Max news, all four films are now available on Valve's PC store, Steam.

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