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Watch Battlefield 1's Bombastic Gameplay Trailer, See Zeppelin Crash and Burn

Fresh Battlefield 1 footage shown during EA's press conference.


EA has shown new gameplay for Battlefield 1, the upcoming World War I shooter developed by DICE. The footage was shown during its pre-E3 event and kicked off with a trailer designed to show the sheer variety of its gameplay.

The video starts with ground-based warfare with soldiers entering tanks and engaging in close-quarters shooting. Soldiers are shown battling it out inside a house made of wood, as weapons discharge both inside and outside, the house is slowly being torn apart.

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The gameplay transitions into, aircrafts dogfighting with each other, and later on planes can be seen taking on a flying zeppelin. They sink bullets into it and it bursts into flames, crashing into the town below.

From there we're given quick glimpses at melee combat with axes, artillery strikes, and horses chasing down trains. Needless to say, there's a whole lot going on. Check it out above.

During the presentation, DICE discussed destruction, which is "more intuitive" than ever, and weather which is "unpredictable" and requires adjustments in tactics. Finally "ultimate vehicles" called Behemoths were also detailed. Players will be able to take control of airships and other big vehicles to dominate combat across air, land and, sea.

Battlefield 1 was officially announced on May 6, and is set during World War 1. It will feature new melee weapons, horses, and biplanes. The first ever trailer shows a rapid series of encounters with tanks, flamethrowers, battleships, and artillery, as well as battles in trenches. We also got to see one the game's characters and an enormous zeppelin.

Battlefield 1 is slated for release on October 21. If you're an EA or Origin Access member, you'll be able to play the game on October 18. The full release will then follow on October 21, though preordering a deluxe version of the game will also allow you to play on October 18. There's also a way to get early access to a beta coming later this year.

Those who preorder also get the Hellfighter pack, which includes items inspired by the Harlem Hellfighters, as well as seven days of early access to a new map coming "later in 2016," according to an Xbox Store listing.

For more, check out recent interview with developer DICE, as well as everything we know about its single-player and multiplayer components.

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