Watch Batman Beat Superman in Canceled Justice League Game

Check out two videos from Double Helix's canceled fighting game.


New gameplay video has surfaced from a canceled Justice League game.

The video, which was uploaded by YouTube user PtoPonline, shows Batman and Superman fighting in an open arena where they have freedom of movement (think Power Stone more than Tekken), in what PtoPonline describes as the game's versus mode.

According to the video description, the game was called Green Lantern: A Justice League Game, and developed by Killer Instinct studio Double Helix for the Xbox 360. We've seen leaked screenshots from the project back in 2010, but this is the best look we've had at the game yet.

Double Helix developed the Green Lantern movie tie-in game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters in 2011, and it obviously knows how to make a fighting game, so it would make sense for them to work on a project like this. However we still don't know what the full plan for the game was or why it was canceled.

It looks pretty interesting either way. In another video below, you can also watch Bizarro fight Bane.

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