Watch: Barry Burton Returns in Resident Evil Revelations 2

The man famous for the "Jill Sandwich" line comes out of retirement; Release dates and prices revealed.

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Barry Burton, the surprise cult star of the first Resident Evil game, will be a lead character in the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2.

The classic S.T.A.R.S. operative, famous for his "Jill Sandwich" line, is revealed as a co-star for Revelations 2 in a new trailer from publisher Capcom (above). Joining him will be series mainstay Chris Redfield.

"Headed for the remote prison island in search of his missing daughter, Moira Burton, Barry meets brand new character Natalia Korda, a little girl who has a strange power that allows her to sense enemies and hidden items," Capcom writes.

"Using this skill alongside Barry's proven combat abilities, players will need to alternate between the two to survive the mysterious island and find Moira."

Capcom's plan for Resident Evil Revelations 2 is to split the game across four episodes, which will release between February and March. Bundled together, these episodes cost $25 / £20, or individually at $6 / £5 each.

The bundle offers bonus content, such as "two additional spin-off episodes that focus on telling the side stories of each of the two new Resident Evil characters: Moira Burton and Natalia Korda," as well as an additional RAID mode character, Hunk. These can be purchased separately too.

Meanwhile, new enemies come in the shape of the Rotten and The Revenant. Capcom explains: "The Rotten have bones that are visible through their bodies and stop at nothing to hunt down the living, and the horrific Revenant are formed from parts of human beings sewn together."

The release date details are below, and further down you'll find a selection of new images.

PSN (US)PSN (EU)Xbox LiveSteam
Episode 1Feb 17Feb 18Feb 18Feb 18
Episode 2Feb 24Feb 25Feb 25Feb 25
Episode 3March 3March 4March 4March 4
Episode 4March 10March 11March 11March 11

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Click on the thumbnails below to view the images in full screen

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