Watch As This PS5 Gets Destroyed In A Grinder

This video might be difficult to watch if you haven't been able to buy a PS5 yet.


The PlayStation 5 has finally arrived, ushering in the next generation of gaming from Sony. The console is selling very well, and stock has sold through at most retailers. As such, this video we're about to share might be difficult to watch for those who remain in the hunt for a next-gen system.

Someone has acquired a PS5 only to place it into one of those machines that destroys everything. It is a terrifying video, with the cracking and crunching sounds standing out as particularly painful to hear as the console gets literally shred to pieces. If you don't have a PS5 yet, it's even harder to watch. Have a look:

Sony has promised that more PS5 units will be available for purchase later this year, so if you've been shut out thus far, there is still hope. You can follow GameSpot's PS5 ordering page to stay up to date on how to get a console for yourself when they become available. They have periodically popped up at retailers like Walmart over the last few weeks.

In other PlayStation news, a leak has suggested that God of War protagonist Kratos is coming to Epic's battle royale game Fortnite after Sony injected $250 million into the developer.

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