Watch 60 Minutes of Halo 5 Footage

See a full hour's worth of straight multiplayer gameplay for the Xbox One game right now.


YouTube user Ready Up Live has posted an entire hour of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer footage, captured during the HaloFest in Los Angeles in November. Apart from an initial intro, there's no commentary, so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Xbox One game without any interruptions.

The maps you're seeing are Empire and Crossfire. You'll also get to see how the range of new Halo 5 player abilities, including ground pound and thrusters, affect balance and overall play. Of course, Halo 5 is still about a year away from release, so what you're looking at is a non-final version of the game.

The Halo 5 beta, which runs in 720p at 60fps, kicks off December 29 and runs through January 18. Buying Halo: The Master Chief Collection will guarantee you a spot in the beta, though it's unclear if there will be other ways to get in.

Halo 5 launches in fall 2015 for Xbox One. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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