Watch 16 Minutes of Total War: Warhammer Dwarf Gameplay

Sega's fantasy strategy game gets an extended gameplay trailer highlighting the Dwarf race.


Sega and The Creative Assembly on Thursday released an extended "Let's Play" gameplay video for Total War: Warhammer, the developer's upcoming fantasy-themed strategy PC game.

This video shows off an early battle from the Dwarfs campaign in which the Dwafen High King Thogrim Grudgebearer wages war with an ambushing Greenskin horde of orcs. It's impressive to watch.

Dwarfs are one of Total War: Warhammer's four main playable races. They play differently, more defensively, than the rest.

"They are sturdy warriors and ingenious engineers, the detail and scale of the cavernous underground cities, or Dwarfholds, they inhabit reflects this," Sega said about them. "Dwarfs foster a defensive playstyle, and this can be seen here as they use stout melee troops and powerful artillery to fend off the Greenskin ambush from all angles."

The Dwarfs also benefit from their ability to leverage the "ancient Dwarfen Underway" to get around map obstacles. In addition, they can recruit units and earn combat bonuses for fighting underground.

Total War: Warhammer is in development at The Creative Assembly (Total War: Attila, Alien: Isolation, Halo Wars 2) by way of a partnership with Warhammer license-holder Games Workshop. The game is coming to PC, though a release date has not been announced.

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