Wasteland 3 Shows Off The Consequences Of Your Choices In New Dev Diary

The Wasteland 3 developers explain the importance of your choices in the upcoming game in a new video.


Wasteland 3's third dev diary is here, and it's focused in on the consequences of player choice. The video below delves into how player choices will impact the world of Wasteland 3, and what kind of role-playing is possible.

InXile Entertainment studio head Brian Fargo says that reactivity is "the hallmark of a great roleplaying game," and that a lot of work has been put into making sure that the reactions of the word are "telegraphed"--so you know that events that play out are a direct result of your actions, minor and major.

An example is shown of a scene where you can steal a gun from a poor couple--the gun is going unused, as it has sentimental value to them, but it could be very useful to the player. As Fargo points out, "most players won't do it"--but the option is there, if you don't mind being evil in-game.

You can shoot anyone you want throughout the game, and Fargo talks about the challenges of making sure that they can still tell a cohesive story while allowing for this. It involves writing a lot of content that "most players won't see," but he says it's worth it knowing that the world really reacts to the player's actions.

The previous two Wasteland 3 dev diaries focused on character creation and plot, and they're both worth a watch if you're interested in the game. The game's development has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a slight delay.

Wasteland 3 releases August 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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