Wasteland 3 Passes $3 Million, New Stretch Goals Unlocked

By comparison, Wasteland 2's Kickstarter raised $2.9 million when all was said and done.


The crowdfunding campaign for Wasteland 3 continues to climb. The Fig campaign for the console and PC RPG has passed $3 million in funding, with another two weeks to go before the effort ends on November 3.

In reaching $3 million, Wasteland 3's crowdfunding campaign surpasses the $2.9 million that Wasteland 2's Kickstarter drive tallied in 2013.

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Wasteland's Fig campaign started earlier this month and eclipsed its $2.75 million goal in just three days. Now that funding has reached $3 million, new stretch goals have been unlocked; as written by inXile, these include:

  • $2.85M: 37 Pieces of Flair -- We unlock further Ranger customization, which could include multiple body types, more heads, and more hairstyles. Plus we'll show items that your Ranger has equipped (gear like shovels, binoculars, etc.) on their models.
  • $3M: Car Companion (Codename: Morningstar) -- We add a talking car companion! Morningstar is an AI built to serve President Reagan, but he'll help you both in your travels and during combat, plus he'll give you well-timed advice on how to wipe out all the dirty commies out there.

Should funding reach $3.1 million, inXile will add a customizable Ranger Squad insignia that players can acquire for their team at the start of the game. The insignia will be displayed on your Ranger Base and in other parts of the game.

Wasteland 3 introduces co-op support, vehicles, and more, which you can read about in our initial coverage. InXile has already released the first gameplay video for the game, which isn't due out until 2019 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

All of inXile's latest games have been crowdfunded, including the Wasteland titles, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and The Bard's Tale.

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