Wasteland 2 dev doesn't believe people are sick of Kickstarter -- are you?

“Projects that have failed is Kickstarter doing its job."

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Creator of Wasteland 2 Brian Fargo doesn’t believe that people are sick of funding projects on Kickstarter, only that not all project are meant to be funded.

Wasteland 2 launched its Kickstarter in 2012 hoping to raise $900,000, and eventually hit nearly $3 million in funding. Many other Kickstarters didn’t have as much luck. Renegade Kid’s Cult County, for example, failed to meet its funding goal earlier this month.

"I think sometimes some of the projects that have failed is Kickstarter doing its job," Fargo told Digital Spy. "Which is saying, 'We don't really want that, or there's already too much like it'. I think it worked very well for us, and it worked well for [Tim] Schafer, because it's quite honest to say this game wouldn't have existed without it, period, because we're a middle-ground developer, we're not two guys.”

Harmonix’s Amplitude, which was successfully Kickstarted last week, fits Fargo’s description, as does Keiji Inafune Mighty No. 9, which raised more than $3.8 million on Kickstarter last year. Both of them appeal to niches in the market that weren’t being served otherwise, but there’s less demand for such games with each successfully funded Kickstarter.

Fargo uses his own game as an example: "There was a Fallout audience that loved one and two, and they wanted something more like that than where Fallout 3 and New Vegas went,” he said. “Now if somebody came up with another one after us, it wouldn't do as well, I think, because we would have been scratching that itch.”

Wasteland 2 will release around “the end of August” 2014, on PC, Mac, and Linux. GameSpot recently reviewed the Early Access version of Wasteland 2, finding that it "spectacularly balances the older style of classic PC RPGs and more modern sensibilities.”

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