Wasteland 2 added to Project Eternity Kickstarter

$165 digital-only donation tier for Obsidian's PC role-playing game to include copy of inXile's fan-funded project, first expansion pack.


Gamers who back the Kickstarter campaign for Obsidian Entertainment's isometric PC role-playing game Project Eternity can also get their hands on Wasteland 2. Obsidian has announced a new $165 digital-only contribution tier that includes inXile's fan-funded RPG.

You got Wasteland in my Eternity.
You got Wasteland in my Eternity.

Additionally, Obsidian has announced that the first expansion pack for Project Eternity will be included with a contribution of $165 or above. The developer said it expects to have this content available about six months after Project Eternity ships around April 2014.

No details on the expansion pack are available, but Obsidian said "you can bet it will be what you'd expect from an Infinity Engine game expansion."

inXile founder Brian Fargo is no stranger to the senior staff at Obsidian. Fargo also founded Interplay, and is credited with helping launch the careers of Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart, among others.

The Kickstarter campaign for Project Eternity ends in one week. It has rocketed past its original $1.1 million funding target, landing almost $2.5 million from about 55,000 backers as of press time.

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